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Date of
Created via:Hyper-evolution virus infection
Height:~4 meters
Length:~4 meters

The Hel was an airborne bioweapon developed by Charles Burr and his research team of the Steel Chariots using the Hyper-evolution virus.


Hel appear as enemies in Resident Evil: Hyper-Evolution and can be considered mini-bosses. A Hel is dangerous in that it possesses an instant kill attack. Before using it, however, it will wind up, giving the player character a chance to move out of the way. A Hel has 24,000 on Veteran difficulty and is Lightly Armored throughout. A Hel's "weak spot" is its head; a headshot from a weapon with a Penetration level of 0 will be four times as powerful as a shot to anywhere else, while a headshot from a weapon with a Penetration level of 1 or 2 is an instant kill.


  • Helspawn - The Hel ejects an egg at the player character, instantly killing him/her if it scores a successful hit. After several seconds, a pair of Helspawn will burst out of the player character's torso.
  • Restricting Slime - The Hel hurls a large glob of slime that severally slows down the player character for several seconds.
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