Hamilton Goskie was a member of the raccoon city police force however unbeknownst to everyone he was on Umbrella's payroll.Tasked with creating the ultimate life force he does so by integrating the genome of his horses with the genome of a zombie.He comes to the Attention of Sheva Alomar and Dari Davidov who are invited to his Horse stable.Here we see his sinister machinations as he injected his horses with the Q-virus making them unstoppable horse zombies.He along with his Henchmen Jean Pierre were responsible for the Toxic gas incident in the Raccon city Subway station which killed 32 and harmed 49.He than proceeds to Kill Dari by slitting her throat and pulling out her tongue through the slit causing her to bleed to death.This enrages Sheva to the point where she follows Hamilton to his Night Club Kissy Kissy.Hamilton orders the bouncer who was on his payroll to eliminate Sheva but he dies when Sheva tears off his head.She finally Catches up to him and shoots him and Jean pierre in the chest killing them instantly.In the film version of Resident Evil:Outbreak he was portrayed by scottish actor Robert Carlyle while his Henchmen Jean Pierre is portrayed by Timothy Oliphant

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