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Created 1968
Created By Edward Ashford(in a sense)
Creation Accidental
Based Human.
Height/Length 8'5
Purpose Unknown
Status Missing

Hades is Tyrantlike B.O.W that was accidently created in 1968 with The Progenitor virus.


In 1968 while James Marcus and Edward Ashford where heading the research on the Progenitor one of the researcher contracted the virus. Over time the researcher mutated into the first and only true Progenitor Tyrant. The tyrant escaped due the fact they they didnt know how to contain being that this was there first time handling something with the level power. And fled to parts Unknown. Over the period of 40 years Umbrella attemped to track down Hades though mystrious murders all through North America but failed to find it.

Resident Evil:GambitEdit

Hades will appear as Gambits final boss


Although Hades had little to no involvment in any games and the resident evil storyline up to dates. It sparked Umbrella's desire to create Tyrants. From him Spawned the Tyrant program.


Hades seems to characteristics that are shared with many other B.O.W. It's size, stength and overall shape is similar to the T-103 Tyrant, this where the similarities end. It's skin is red from an accelerated heart rate and claws on it's fingers, much like the the Crimson Head. It's displays an elongated tongue similar to Lickers. It's also dispayed incredible intelligence by escaping umbrella and never getting recaptured or killed.


  • Hades outfitt looks similar to the villian Hades from the DC comic book Wonder Woman, wearing dark black suit, long coat and top hat.
  • Hades is named after the greek god of the dead, wealth and most importantly is the Ruler of the Underworld.
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