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Cover of Gun Survivor 5.

My idea for a Resident Evil game. Gun Survivor 5: Biohazard - The Artificial Tyrant (ガンサバイバー5 バイオハザード人工タイラント).

Overview Edit

The year is 2012 and viral outbreaks have become something of a daily living. People buy cures like they buy groceries. By this time Laila is recognized as somewhat of celebrity. She still works for the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, making public speeches and such, but also endorses consumer products that claim to be enriched with the cure. What the public doesn’t know is that Global Pharmaceutical Consortium has been spreading the virus from time to time to scare the public into buying their “so called” cures. Laila is completely aware of this though, but she’s hopeless to say or do anything. The strain of T-Veronica in her keeps her safe from infection, but at the same time it’s also slowly killing her. The BSAA may be helping by giving the people false hope, but the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium needs to be stopped.


Release poster for The Artificial Tyrant.

Virus are made and stored by the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium in an Antarctic facility, built over the remains of the Antarctic Transport Terminal originally built by Alexander Ashford. The facility recently had an viral outbreak due to an unknown reason and the Oceanian BSAA sent in a team to deal with it, but they never came back. Videos of scientist in the facility have begun to appear over the web, leading to the BSAA to rethink it’s strategy. Laila decides to help. Her background in espionage seems to make her perfect, but the BSAA is reluctant to send her in, so instead they decides\ to send in a second team, but only to end up with the same results. With little knowledge of what was going on they finally decide to send in Laila, but only to gather information. In the following weeks before she is sent in, BSAA specially trains her for any problem she might encounter. After several weeks of training, Laila is recognized as a BSAA Special Operations Agent. She is sent in, but what they don’t realize is that Laila has her own goals to accomplish.