Created 6-14-2007
Created By Amanda Dallas
Creation Multi-Virus
Based Human/Canine/Insect
Height/Length 6'7-6'10
Purpose To eliminate humanoid life in cold environments.
Status Inactive as of 2007

Grims or (MX-7s) were given their name by an unnamed soliders shortly after the B.S.A.A.'s first encounter with the creatures. The name is due to their long kelvar cloaks wrapped around their bodies in a similar manner to a grim reaper. They also have two massive clawed arms which appear to be similar to a scythe. Their face is similar to a canine's face but it does not have any skin and undet it's first layer of muscle tissue is a exoskeletion. It was created by Amanda Dallas and a research team. They were all believed to be killed in Operation Whitescreen. '

Success of MX-7

The MX-7 was considered a success in that they had created a weapon which could be let loose into an artic enviroment without having troubles living in that enviorment. It was however hard to produce and required samples of both T-virus and las palagas to make.

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