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Gory Storm is a series of post-apocalyptic zombie war stories. They center around a viral agent called IV with a nickname of "The Kinks."

The House Edit

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After a man, Marcus Crooney, tries to make stem-cells stable enough to recreate brain tissue, it only to kills the user and turns them into Zombies. They just discover this during a party at his estate to debut the viral agent. Many are killed and reanimated while the surviving guests try to escape, only to face the electric locked entrance which cannot be opened due to a blackout. They then take an alternate route which leads to the top of a mountain to an old radio station. There is a heavy snow storm and they have to wait it out. The zombies find their way through the passage and the survivors make a last stand. They are able to contact help in the midst of the fight and a rescue helicopter is sent. The helicopter is shot down by a deranged Marcus Crooney and it crashes into the radio tower. The only survivor is Crooney himself, who has unknowingly become infected and dies on his way back to his mansion to "finish his plan."

The Forest Edit

A group a teenagers come across a massive mansion during their yearly hike through the local forest area. One of them dares to go into the seemingly abandoned house and never returns. They whole group goes in after an hour passes and finds themselves in the midst of a zombie-infested labratory. They are able to escape into the forest where they are lost and run until they find themselves at the edge of a swamp. Cornered, they get onto a boat at shore and drive until they are at the other side. There they find a shack where they are once again cornered and must make a last stand. One of them, Darrell Heinz, escapes to the nearby city and gets to a police station. The others are believed to have been killed.

The City Edit

After the events in "The Mansion," local police manage to kill the zombies, commenting they were only people whacked-out on drugs and were extremely dangerous. Darrell Heinz is arrested by the U.S. government and is believed to be the cause of all of it. His friends in Silverstone City belive he's become insane due to drug use and he's placed in an insane asylum. His friend soon find out he was speaking the truth and the city is infected with the IV Virus within days. They make their way through the city, being chased by a giant canine infected with the virus and they make a last stand at the church.

The Caves Edit

The Prison Edit

The Island Edit

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