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Giant Moth

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Created via:t2 virus infection
Based:Unknown moth species
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"They're mine! MINE!"

-Diary of the Mothman

Miles Dubois was a fellow researcher who had helped Alex on the island facility. His obsession with moths became listed as unhealthy by the other researchers there and just like Alex, he would strike out at anyone who dared insult the objects of his affections. Miles' plan to have moths serve as the "new weapons" of the world intrigued Alex, so he allowed for Miles to experiment with the t2 virus to see just how well he could improve the creatures.

The moths are minor enemies, but should be approached very carefully as they can prove to be a nuisance. They have thee ability to poison which can be a problem in itself, but also fly great heights before attacking. They are a result of infection through the t2 virus.

The moths had escaped the test chambers of the facility after Miles released them and escaped himself. Though where they were hiding remains unknown. The moths had made the more darker areas of the island their home to reproduce their offspring.

An improvement to their biology is the large mandibles of their mouths, making them excellent for tearing flesh and bone. These are moths that have grown to an enormous size and their wingspans have grown to perfect proportion to their bodies. This gives these moths incredible maneuverability and due to Alex's virus, a level of intelligence that seems almost human and they also seem to communicate with one another due to a high-pitched whistling sound that becomes unbearable after a long time. Their egg sacks are usually kept in the tallest parts of trees and can be destroyed with fire.

A way to keep track of them is to note the heavy sound of flapping in the air accompanied by a low whistling. When they die, they will fall onto their backs and crumble into a pile of ooze.

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