Tyrant - Fafnir
Created July 2011
Created By Tricell Asia Branch
Creation Uroboros - T virus joint infestation
Based Sea Snake
Height/Length 6' 11"
Purpose Prototype
Status Active

Tyrant - Fafnir is a prototype amphibic monster developed for underwater fieldwork. 


  This particular experiment is based on a sea snake. Since it was infected by the Uroboros virus, it gained a humanoid appearance, with blue scales, large ears, fangs and short claws.

Background Edit

Tyrant - Fafnir is one of the subexperiments after the failure of FI - 03 Neptune. Though the experiment was since hidden within the confines of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, after the decline of the company's stocks and eventually its closure, TriCell, Inc. had overpowered some of the hidden documents of the predecessor and improved some of their models. Snake-like in appearance, it is mostly conditioned for underwater fieldwork.

TriCell also took notice of subduing their experiments like what Umbrella did to Nemesis T-Type, allowing them to manipulate Fafnir and do what the program tells it to do. Since this breakthrough, Fafnir was considered a success, until the two viruses cannot cope with each other's capabilities, reverting its color, changing the other prospects of the subject, and developed lower human intellect. Now that it can perform basic rational thinking, it fled from its creators, killing them within his wake. But, due to the implant to its brain, Tricell had subdued Fafnir to their control and did many fieldwork, though now it was considered a failure. Since Fafnir had the viruses forcibly combine inside it, the researchers made a new prototype virus through it - the Lamia Virus, or L-V.

Characteristics Edit

Tyrant - Fafnir has the usual characteristics of any creatures infected by the T - Virus strain. But, it developed shorter claws and is somewhat humanly proportioned than the other Tyrant archetypes, though it never decreased its potentials. As for its Uroboros strain, it developed a higher regeneration capacity, surpassing even the regenerating capacity of the T-Virus, at the cost of increased heat generation that causes its insatiable hunger. But the two viruses cannot cope with each other, and as a result, its brain developed lower human intellect, allowing Fafnir to think basic right or wrong. Since Tricell also had implanted a controlling chip to its brain, its capacity to think was inhibited to follow any command given. Its fangs are filled with the Uroboros virus that could infect its victim. Even though Fafnir is an aquatic creature, it developed lungs that allowed it to breathe on land as well. With its durability, only few, well-placed shots could harm it.

Since the creature was based on the sea snake, it's primary weakness will be anything that can release electric charges (e.g. Charged Particle Rifle), but since the weaponry that is available to any one who might encounter it is low, this will be a tough beast to take down. Fafnir is also immune to fire.

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