Fable Slash
Date of Birth 2004
Date of Death N/A
Gender Male
Height 4ft
Race/Ethnicity American, Caucasian
Occupation Student
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Margret Slash (Mother, Deseased), Adam Slash (Father, Deseased)
Status Alive

Fable was born to a rather ordinary family In early 1997. Fable was very different from the other children at his School, the reason being was that he had been blessed with a massive amount of courage and bravery since Birth. Fable first showed his exceptional bravery when he dived in to a river to save the family Dog from drowning. While not being able to swim him self he saved the duo's lives by clinging to a branch and climbing to safety. Several other incidents similar to the latter had happened frequently.

The Destruction of WashingtonEdit

Date: 2010, Augest 14th. Location: Sale Woods High. Age: 13

Whilst walking towards the meeting point, of which his mother usually picks him up from. He hears a large Scream, and runs almost immediately to the source. To find his mother being decapitated by a rather large Wolf like creature, however before Fable can counter the scene with another scream, he is pounced by another monster, before the monster can engulf the boy with teeth to the face, it is shot by something. Fable engulfed with purple blood, opens his eyes to see a squad of 5 commandos, wearing uniforms styling a logo on the back. The N.B.R.T. One of the men then walks up to him, picks him up and introduces himself as: Petroff Tyon of the National Biological Response Team! He then tells him the situation of the city. Apparently the place has been attacked by an unknown individual, the President is dead, and monsters are running lose everywhere. Before Petroff can say another word, Fable quickly says that they need to help the more importent people and not people of little importance like himself. Petroff then whispers something to himself before handing Fable a 10mm pistol. Before moving out into the city more deeply.


Fable is a very brave and selfless young boy who almost always puts others before him. Even if it means he has to die. Despite losing his parents to the incident in Washington he seems pretty much unshafed.


Fable Slash was inspired by the main protagonist of the Demonata book series, made by author Darren Shan, Grubbs Grady!

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