Fully Advanced and Enhanced Ranger Tyrant
Created 2007
Created By Rogue scientist group, former Umbrella
Creation Direct NE-parasite infection, automatic armorer machine
Based Tyrant T-103, Nemesis T-type, T-A.L.O.S
Height/Length 2.1 meters
Purpose Serve the group, protect it, assasinate everyone who tries to stop them
Status Destroyed

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"This is our last chance to retake our place in the list of rich and famous. Our last chance to take the power back."

-Donald H. Stamp to his group

The F.E.A.R. projectEdit

"Hey blind big guy, it's time to say goodbye! Oh no, I'm rhyming again?!"

-Frank McNeil

After the fall of Umbrella, a remaining and desperate group of their scientists, planned to rebuild their independence from everyone else, and try to build their ultimate weapon, which one will destroying their enemies. The project was top secret, and continued under 4 years.

At the summer of 2007, it was ready to deploy. After the creature terrorized a village in Alberta, Canada, the US goverment send an agent, Frank McNeil to investigate this incident, find who's behind it, and he's got order to kill.

After arrived, McNeil have seen the creature and few other B.O.W (mostly T-103 Tyrants), he hided in the village, and ordered the people to leave the town in an underground tunnel. He went back to the Mountain Laboratory, where he faced with the F.E.A.R. Although the creature was heavily armed with a rocket launcher and a gutling gun, McNeil was able to destroy it with a great idea: firing the creatures uncovered eyes, and then he exploded it with a much of C4, however McNeil also seriously injured during the battle.

McNeil also killed the ruthless scientist, so this project remain an unfinished experiment. Hopefully.

Other apperances Edit

In the next part of the Darkfall series, it will make a reappearence in the flashbacks and the plans will be shown on a goverment agents computer.

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