A Desert Eagle Magnum


Exodus Hybrids third Tyrant mutation which was never seen.

==Exodus Hybrid==
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Exodus Hybrid
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth January 13,1968
Gender Male
Height 5'9'
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Commander of North Carolina base
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Malice and Lloyd Hybrid Brothers Deceased
Status Active

Exodus Hybrid was a man who sought a perfect world, much like Spencer, but he had one weakness, he was extremely egostistycal and considered himself to be one of a kind with only a few others on the planet like him. Exodus was considered a genius by his coleagues but that did not satisfy him, he dreamt of a world where averyone was just as he was and would do anything just to make this dream a reality. After being severely wounded by Kevin Coen, a cop that was sent to investigate the North Carolina base of Umbrella, Exodus killed several of his colleagues, plagued the base with the T-virus and set free all of his research B.O.Ws in an attempt to isolate the base and kill Kevin. During the newly developed outbreak in the base, Exodus taunted Kevin with a microphone and monitors of every room in the massive base. He later on injects himself with a strain of the T-virus and mutates into a tyrant like monster in his first stage, only he seems to still have a high rate of intelligence such as the ability to communicate. Even when in Tyrant like form, he manages to taunt Kevin and even stalks him around the base for a good bit of the game but in the end is mortally wounded by a rocket which is given to Kevin by Cynthia, an Umbrella researcher who in the end was mortally wounded by Exodus. Exodus's second mutation obtaines a massive jaw with jagged teeth and two red eyes with no pupils and two even more massive claws along with a giant exposed heart and 6 exposed rib cage like tendrils which can shield his exposed heart. He was given the alias The Man In Red due to his long Red trenchcoat which he adapted onto his T-103 models. Though the rocket mortally wounded Exodus, it failed to stop the T-virus and a third malformation came about. While on the helicopter, Kevin used a turret to keep it busy until the base blew to pieces, killing it. Exodus's prized weapon is his Desert Eagle Magnum which he carries with him at all times. Later a left over T-Cell formed him a new body after it examined a photo and file about him. He escaped after he caused a minor outbreak of T-Cell organisms and killed Julia Hayes in a small town located in North Carolina.

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