Evan Sherder
Date of Birth 1975
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Male
Height unknown
Race/Ethnicity Australian
Occupation Umbrella executive
Marital status Single
Relative(s) N/A
Status Deaseased

Death Edit

Evan along with the other major Umbrella executives, were aboard there train which was suposed to deliver them to chicargo to meet with a G buyer. However there trip is cut short when Nemesis shows up. He was the second executive to be killed. Evan desparete to defeat, or at least temorerily incapitate Nemesis, unholsters a 44 magnum which he then draws fire upon Nemesis with, Nemesis being a Tyrant is hardly effected by the gunfire. And proseeds to kill Tim, until anialating Evan, who's stomach is then spurled open by Nemesis, until dropping  into his fallen intestines.

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