Eddie Robson
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:1999
Occupation:UBCS Monitor (Former)

Umbrella Secret Services (U.S.S.)

Appearances:Operation: Underlight
Voice:Jon St. John

Eddie Robson is a member of The Pride, codenamed "Domino". He is the team's explosive's specialist as well as they heavy machine gun specialist. He was part of the US Army before he was court marshalled for blowing up a city block under mere suspicion of Weapons of mass destruction (A suspicion which was proven false).

Luponili participated in the Redwood City Incident as his fourth mission, his first three are not mentioned except his efforts in Raccoon City undercover as a UBCS Monitor, killing suspicious employees. He killed 13 Targets before he escaped the city by the subway. He is infected by zombies in the Hemmingway Tower, but doesn't turn until the hospital.



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Eddie is a fun-loving member of "The Pride", often called the group's "Idiot", he gets along fairly well with the other members. Though argues with the "The Operator" very often, though he isn't the only member.


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Eddie doesn't have an opinion of the Employees of Umbrella. He is just happy that after each mission the money is good and the job was fun. Though he seems to have a few arguements with "The Operator", he simply rubs it off and continues his job.


Eddie sees the zombies as targets, slow moving and too easy to shoot. He often uses low case explosives, such as grenades, to kill them. He also sees them as an annoyance after he sets up a large trap, only for a zombie to stumble through it and blow it up instead of the target.


  • His character is inspired by Hector Hivers from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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