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Alless Jane Reinalto
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1985
Hasn't yet
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Race/Ethnicity Human/Asian
Occupation Docter/Scientist forcibly working for the 'Bandits'
Marital status No
Relative(s) Drake Martin Reinalto
Status Alive and Well

A Doctor/Scientist working in Yeurto to fend off a mysterious virus, only to be kidnapped by the invading 'Bandits'.


Alless was born in Texas, and raised simply. She became a doctor at 23 (she was rather smart) and moved to Yeurto to help the small town, that was in dyer need of a trained Doctor, only to be kidnapped by the 'Bandits'. She was then forced to come with them to their base (an abandoned underground facility used by Umbrella to test new viruses against the elements.). She was forced to work on making formidable samples of both the T and G viruses from what they had. After one week, she had done so, and was then forced to expirement with the two enhanced versions of the viruses. During this period of time, she created Shell heads, Blank Slates, and T-G1.

Current Day Edit

Today is the day that her life will change. As she expirements in the labs, an explosion caused by a T and G virus fusion experiment, she created Blank Slates. The explosion not only created this horrific monster, but also unleashed both the T and G viruses upon the small town.

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