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Doctor Martin Wilson
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth August 29, 1960
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation former Umbrella Researcher
Marital status Single
Relative(s) None
Status Alive

Martin Wilson was raised as an orphan.At the age of 11 Martin's incredible intelligence started to be put to use when he started making Project H.A.L.O.At the young age of 17, Wilson was recruited by Albert Wesker to Umbrella after meeting him at the orphanage. Wilson then began experimenting Project H.A.L.O. and realized that there is something missing.While on the street Wilson met a young Larry Montag on the Local Science Fair and was astounded by his expertise on viruses.The two started working on Project H.A.L.O. and they both came to a conclusion that Project H.A.L.O. needed another virus to be able to function well.During the mansion incident, Larry Broke into the facility and battled numerous hunters while gathering the T-Virus,during the mission, Larry got infected with the virus by a crimson head and he fled the facilty just minutes before it blew up.While in the lab,Doctor Wilson saw an abnormality inside Larry's body, an inactive T-Virus. Doctor Wilson then asked Larry if he could volunteer to be injeced with Project H.A.L.O., Larry agreed and he was put to cryogenic sleep for two months.On the night of September 27, Doctor Wilson was able to unleash Hercules, one of his three greatest creations.Unfortunately on the night of October 1, Hercules' fell into the Price Brothers' hands and met his doom. Doctor Wilson then fled away through the sewers and isolated himself from Umbrella.Nothing was heard from him again until the year 2005 when bioterrorist attacks were rampant somewhere in South East Asia.Hunter Price along with the B.C.F. hunted him down somewhere in the fictional Prime City.After numerous battles against parasite infected humans, they learned that Doctor Wilson was the real mastermind of all this and found him in an underground facility infested with other monstrous creatures.Doctor Wilson known now as Doctor Zero was able to inject the Z-Virus, a virus obtained from Larry's blood,into a Las Plagas parasite he bought from a man named Luis Sera.Doctor Zero then unleashed Jupiter, the King Tyrant, to attack Price and his Squad. Doctor Zero then fled away after one last battle with Price vowing revenge on him and his brother for killing his friend.Rumor is Doctor Zero is planning on a new Bio-terrorist attack somewhere in Europe.

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