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Derek Koon
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1982
2009, February 29
Gender character's gender
Height 6'3"
Race/Ethnicity Human/Caucasion/T-G1
Occupation Leader of the Bandits
Marital status No
Relative(s) No
Status Dead

Derek KoonEdit

Derek is the long time Leader of the Bandits. At one time he worked for Umbrella, but as the corporation fell, he knew he needed to get out. He left, taking many of their secrets with him. He started his gang in Mexico, planning to reform Umbrella and make millions, so he kidnapped Dr. Alless and used her for as his personal Scientist. But his plan went wrong and the whole town was infested with zombies. He is Killed by Erik K. Nyers, after he turns into T-G1.

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