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Denise Oh is the main antagonist of Resident Evil:Zombie Holocaust which takes place in 2004. Born on Feburary 14th 1948 and died on Agust 14th 2004 she is a scientist with Umbrella Corp and is one of the most promising Scientists there she also leads her own group called the Repulsive Umbrella Freedom Fighters.Having lost her parents to the Korean Resistance Army's firing Squads she became bitter jaded and morose. 55 Years later She planned on creating a master race of robot zombies. She had her men create robots which she injected with The Veronica^2 Virus.She then sent her robot zombies loose on Raccoon city.Claire Redfield and Andromeda Wesker[Her Ally and best friend]Attempted to Stop the zomibes but failed and ended up being captured by Denise's Men and sent to her.However they were abruptly saved by Craig Isakson. Denise Had her men get them and kill them by any means they deemed nessecary.Baek Yung Lee attempted to kill them with various snake venoms but was seemingly killed when Andromeda Wesker let her dog loose and the dog tore his throat open.They went and met up with Denise Oh who later revealed she was trying for world domination she had ther rest of her men take them to a prison but however andromeda shot her men.Realizing that Andromeda was stubborn she pulled out her K6 Krukov and shot at them.However Andromeda smiled evilly and shot her in the head killing her.
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