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Denise Birkin was a skilled Judoka and the older half sister of Sherry Berkin who was responsible for releasing three Cat zombies on Raccon City. She is an ruthless power-hungry woman who will even kill her own family to get what she wants.She is a member of The umbrella corporation alongside her boyfriend Lao Chin,She experimented on cats with the Z-Virus once she got the results she wanted she decided to test her experiments on the unwilling people of raccoon city.She along with Albert Wesker Decided to Kill Marcel a french man who had blown the whistle on Umbrella Corporation.They lure him into an undisclosed Location however he is saved at the last moment by Brad Vickers.She sets her experiments lose on Downtown Raccoon city killing 60 people.She is killed when Nicolai Ginovaef Rips out her intestines.She appears as the main villain in Resident Evil: Code Red

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