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David Ford is a former R.P.D. officer. He escaped Raccoon City, thanks to Alex Wesker. Edit

Early LifeEdit

Born on November 12th, 1974, he always liked to help people. As a kid, he stopped bullies, and followed the rules. He became a close friend to Marvin Branagh. He graduated high school in 1993, and entered the police academy.

Police LifeEdit

In 1995, he met Janet Williams, a girl he soon fell in love with. They were both 21. In 1996, David applied to join S.T.A.R.S., but was luckily denied. On September 23rd, 1998 he proposed to Janet, who said yes. She went to visit her grandma in Utah. On September 27th,1998, David was trapped in the police academy. He considered suicide, but Alex talked him out of it. David escaped Raccoon in a helicopter, leaving Alex and Marvin behind.


In January, 1999, he and Janet were wed, with Alex in attendance. In 2000, he promised Alex to call him if he was in need of help. In 2001, he helped Alex buy a house in Utah, shortly after the Austrian Incident.

Future HeroEdit

David is slotted to be a support character in Resident Evil: The Search For Sherry, the second game in the Alex Chronicles Series.

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