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Darrell Heinz (Born August 4, 1989) appears in all of the Bloody Rain and Gory Storm series.

Bloody Rain Edit

Darrell is introduced as a pot-head who lives with his parents somewhere in Oregon. He has many friends and his girlfriend is Christine Myers.

The Crocker Mansion Darrell and a group of friends stumble upon an abandoned research facility known as the "Crocker Mansion". After entering the mansion, zombies attack the group and force them deeper into the mansion. They soon find an exit and attempt to destroy the mansion. But the plan fails and they are chased into the nearby city of Silverstone.

The Silverstone Incident Darrell was rarely involved in the Silverstone incident. Him and the remaining group take cover in a police station. After planning an escape route, the group of people take several SWAT vans and make it to the border of the city limits to find that there's large fences preventing them to leave. Zombies break into one of the SWAT vans containing Darrell, Christine, Officer Miller, and Officer Williams. Darrell and Christine survive, but aren't mention until the end where they are talking about the future in an evacuation helicopter.

The Mall Barricade Shortly after The Silverstone Incident, the helicopter begins to run low on fuel and the pilot, Richard Moore, lands atop a mall in a nearby city, Raccoon City. After scavenging the seemingly abandoned mall, a large horde of Crimsons Heads break into the entrance and attacks the group. They then take refuge throughout the mall where they fend off the zombies until the National Guard enters and takes out all the zombies and arrest Darrell and Christine. Darrell is taken to a concealed island along Mexico while Christine's whereabouts remained unknown.

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