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Conrad Vercetti
Date of Birth 1945
Date of Death August 14th, 2004
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Race/Ethnicity Italian
Occupation Leader of Raccoon City Mafia
Marital status Single
Relative(s) Maria Vercetti [Ex-Wife]
Leroy Vercetti [Son]
Leona Vercetti [Sister]
Dorian Vercetti [Daughter]
Julius Vercetti [Brother]
Status Dead

Conrad Vercetti was the leader of the Raccoon City Mafia in Resident Evil: Doomsday. He has a girlfriend named Leticia Cobaralatti. He enticed Rodney Ashford to join his crew despite him not being Italian. Rodney willingly joined him and committed various crimes including prostitution under his watch; however Rodney was becoming increasingly unstable and Vercetti tasked his right-hand man Kevin to watch over Rodney. Kevin heard Rodney talking about how he planned to overthrow Conrad and take control of the mafia. Enraged, Vercetti ran into the room where Rodney was and slit his throat, killing him. He was killed when the zombies viciously tore his throat out.


DOD—August 14th 2004


Marital Status—Single

Relatives—Maria Vercetti[Ex-Wife] Leroy Vercetti[Son] Leona Vercetti[Sister] Dorian Vercetti[Daughter] Julius Vercetti[Brother]



Weight—197 Lbs

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