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Jane (Clone5)

Jane Valentine in a Cloning Tube

A Cloning Tube is a device that is used by Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus in order to bring back people who have died or have been killed within the line of duty. Cloning Tubes originated from cloning tanks that were made and used by the Umbrella Corporation.

Early DesignsEdit

Cloning Tank

Alice in a Cloning Tank

Cloning technology originated by the Umbrella Corporation by the 1990's into the early 2000s and continued being used by many other factions of the world. 2 of the earliest clones were Jane Valentine, however something went accidently wrong when scientists of Umbrella combined her DNA with the T-Virus and had created Janine Valentine. Albert Wesker found that Janine was somewhat useful in her own way, however Jane was more useful alive than dead, so he put Janine in captivity. Usually a clone, once fully grown, was usually naked and were fed oxygen through a tube until they were released from the tank. The clone would also remember everything that happened to them, a form of genetic memory and if wanted, scientists could alter their appearance and personality. If wanted as well, a scientist can even erase the memory of the cloned subject as well.

Improved Designs Edit

After the death of Wesker in 2009 and the surrender of the Umbrella Corporation, Michael Franklin Miller and Division Delta started confiscating Umbrella's sciences and technology, one of those sciences was their cloning technology which by 2013 was designed into the Cloning Tube. Like the original, the subject being cloned would usually be naked and would remember everything of their life, however while in the tank, the water sorrounding them would provide them with oxygen until they were released from their tubes. Like the original as well, the clones would remember everything and their appearance could be altered. Like the original the clone's mind can be completely erased if a person wanted it so.


Cloning Tubes allow any person being cloned to be resurrected and if continued, the person can become immortal. Others use cloning for armies and even health benefits as well.


There are only certain defects to the cloning tube, such as the cloning of a person must be 100% complete before made, other wise the DNA could be damaged and the clone could have serious defects when they are released, that and if
Cloning Tube

Jane and Jill Cloning Tubes

the device is sabotaged or tampered with wrongly in anyway. DNA, if combined with any virus, becomes one with the DNA that it has bonded itself.


The first faction to use this technology was Division Delta, eventually they gave it to South Korean Anti-Bioterrorism Force. Soon in 2037, after a battle and victory against the Umbrella Facist Group, Division Delta gave the New Amazons this technology, as well as new weapons and other technology.

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