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Claudia is the lover and former partner of Chris Redfield.

In Resident Evil:Code Red After flight 584 Exploded Claudia and Her new partner Alex Daivari buried Cherri Kempshaw's stolen identification in the Anders Desert.She was picken up in a Lamborghini and taken to meet her new boss Leona Rempsleu. Claudia arrived in the desert with her motorcycle and retreived the hidden ID.She met Rempsleu and Daivari but insisted on them paying her $1,394,294 for the ID instead of $660,029 she and Daivari was promised.After threatening to kill her and Ki shien ,Rempsleu agreed to give her the extra $734,265.Rempsleu Daivari and Claudia drove her back to the desert where she was shot in cold blood by Chris Redfield for her betrayal.She and Daivari make their first appearance in Resident Evil Code red

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