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Chrill Redsker
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 01/23/2183
Gender Male
Height 7'7
Race/Ethnicity Whiteness
Occupation B.O.W.
Marital status Pimp
Relative(s) Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Albert Wesker
Status Pretty @wesome

Chrill Redsker is the future son of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in the future of 2138 (because they both drank some G and T virus combine with new virus that makes them live that longand) but they also have Chrill Redsker named that because he got some of Albert Weskers infected DNA when he became an adult and promised Chris and Jill he would fight Wesker. So now Chrill is a B.O.W. and he will always fight Albert Wesker. Albert thinks of Chrill as the son he never had and identified with Chrill on a genetic level because they have some of the same DNA. Chrill Redsker is a poet and author in his free time, but he is mostly fighting Umbrella and zombiemonsters and all this kind of thing.

But know what? He was killed In the year 2381 Albert Wesker (who survived in RE5) actually kills him finally and then he meets again with Jill and Chris (his parents) in a purgatory controled by Wesker's new Umbrella Inc. (which he remaked after 5). Now the fight is on again! 


More InfoEdit

Chrill Redsker will be featured prominently in the fanon game: Genetic Future Purgatory Tomorrow

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