Chief Raman was the corrupt, insane and diabolical director of the Umbrella African Branch during 1991-1993 before he destroyed it.

First YearsEdit

When introduced, he was already a member of Umbrella. When Umbrella decided to expand itself into Africa, due to a strong friendship with Oswell E. Spencer, he was named the director of the Umbrella African Branch. However as a good member he was, he became corrupt and ambicious. He started to make deals "under the table" to became more rich, but he was always paranoid of being caught by anyone.


In 1992 he had three mayor cientists working for him: Amaka Alomar, Kimo Alomar and Tomè Laga. However he didn´t care too much about the Alomars, he hated Tomè and was scared of him because he thought Tomè knew about his ilegal deals. When the Alomars found out about this, they informed Tomè about this, and he confronted Chief Raman. Chief Raman had Tomé locked up in Tomè`s house on the last floor. After nearley a year, his paranoia about Tomè drew him mad, and, in his madness, he decided to destroy the factory and the town, and he sent a U.B.C.S. to murder Tomè. Then, the Alomars confronted him, and , again in his madness, he activated the self-destruct system in the factory and injected himself with the t-virus and mutated into a monster that (as almost every muattion) lost his intelligence. The monster escaped the factory and ran to Tomè`s house. When it realised Tomè was still alive, he haunted him through the town. Eventually, Tomè was able to destroy him.

Mutated FormEdit

When he injected himself with the t-virus, he mutated into a monster that had many weird characteristics that were never seen before in another in a t-virus infected subject. In his back, long tentacles grew out of it (which he actually used to move), his body shrinked down, he lost his skin and huge jaws grew on his mouth. However he lost his intelligence, he was able to identify Tomè and to chase him arround.

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