Charles Cristnson
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 1967
Febuary 13 1999
Gender Male
Height 6ft 4
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Writter, And Founder Of B.H.C.S
Marital status Married
Relative(s) Wife,and A Son
Status Deceased

Horrid TalesEdit

Born To Marry Hammel and Robert Cristnson, Was a normal child. Until His Seventh Birthday. In A Freak Accident His Mother Was Killed In A Car Crash On Her Way Home From The Market. From There It Was A Downward Spiral. Between An Alchoholic Father who gave up living because of the crushing lonlyness, a Group Of Uncaring Friends And A neglected talent for writting, His Mind became a Steel trap Closing down at the mention of his father. It wasnt Until Be turned 12 That his father Acted On What He Had Secretly Been Thinking of scence Marry Died. So On His Birthday He Took A Rope And Hung Himself In Charles Closet. But Rather Then Hate Life he grew to apreciate It From A different Angle. Rather then think like is precious he found it a cause and effect thing that one must find somthing to fight for or live for or life was meaningless. He found that writting of the stuff most kids have nightmares over such as death, blood, gore, and monsters. This often made his life hard as both his friends and foster family alienated him as a freak. After Another 10 Years He found that his writting though dark fit into the neice of angery people in the 1980's and made a killing off of other's hate while he himself found that the thing he wrote of were a mere channel to rid himself of negitive emotion but it wouldnt be enough very soon. On his 29th birthday he had had enough, After a life time of aleination and calousness he left home finding that a large chunk of his fan base in Raccoon City he Knew where he would be loved. On a whim he moved there taking up residence in the Apple Inn. Durring the next year he started a fan club and began many friendships. Forgetting the past and Rebuilding ties in the present. But in July 1998 after the local special forces (S.T.A.R.S) Bravo team had been Declared Missing. and Alpha Team Sent In To Find Them Hell Had Opened. (For What Happened Up untill his death See Bio-Hazard Control Squad )

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