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Cerberus G-10
Cerberus g-10

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Created via:Infected with the t2 virus under controlled elements

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"Are you hungry? Would you like something that screams?"

-Alex, to his pets.

The Cerberus G-10 (the G short for Genesis) are two of Alex's personal pets that make an appearance as boss types in Code Genesis during the main scenario. Similar to the model of the first Cerberus produced by Umbrella, this is suggested to be the "evolved" form of the previous model.

The Cerberus G-10 was developed by Alex long after his discovery and creation of the t2 virus. It is so dubbed G-10 because of the number of the specimens that it had taken to create and perfect them. Since he creates them in pairs, they are purely named G-10 for both, despite there being two. They possess no fur but instead, have rippling raw muscle and exposed tendons. They possess no eyes and one of them seem to have small blister - like patches on its head. Beth remarks that they seem to look a lot like "dogs on steroids".
G-10 type 2

Type 2

A strange addition to this model of the Cerberus is the long, Licker - like tongues in their jaws that have various tiny barbs on them that are used for snatching and preventing the escape of prey.

Type 1

When they first make their appearance, they are crawling their way through the ventilation systems and sneak up on the player. As the player makes their way through the second floor, it seems that they are hunting and display a vast array of intelligence. After a brief cutscene, one of the creatures will emerge from the ventilation system and the other will eventually join shortly afterwards. It can be tricky to watch the Cerberus' movements given their speed, but their movements are based on a pattern and can make their defeat easy if traced.

When Cerberus attacks from the ceiling, the player can shoot at them with a shotgun blast to topple them to the floor. A sub machine gun is good too, but a shotgun has far more chance of doing heavier damage. Once their health reaches a considerable low, they will begin to race around the player in a wild, frenzied manner, slashing and biting with their claws and teeth with brutal savagery. The creatures will take a pause to pant heavily and that is the perfect opportunity to strike.

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