Alias(es) '
Date of Birth Reanimated on June 12th 2009
August 4th 2000[Age 38] but was reanimated in 2009[which would make him 47 even though he is 7]
Gender Male
Height 8'2[Mass is 494 Lbs]
Race/Ethnicity African American
Occupation Experiment for Umbrella Corp
Marital status Does not bother with such trivialities as marriage
Relative(s) Family killed by his hand
Status Undead

Carmichael is an undead zombie who was born on March 15th 1962.He was cold-hearted stoic and remorseless even in his child years as he felt nothing when he set his pet skunk on fire.In 1974 he was revealed to have acromegaly which caused him to grow even 1982 he was 6'11 and weighed 282 Lbs.However his height and weight ballooned out of control and by 1999 he had diabetes.He died from the disease in 2000.He was sent to an Umbrella Controlled Lab where they turned him into an immortal zombie unable to be killed he was than sent out to do Umbrella's Biddings he does so with a silent nod of his head

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