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Candice Stone
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth 18 December 1985
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Race/Ethnicity Egyptian
Occupation Mission leader (T.R.S.), scientist, archeologist
Marital status Engaged
Relative(s) Johnny Storm (fiance) Imhotep (directly descended from)
Status Still active

Candice Stone is an active member and eilte task-force agent of the Egyptian republic's E.T.F.S. unit branch. Originally born in Sudan to a wealthy American lab scientist and a celebrated Egyptian archeologist, both of whom were employed under Rich Corp., Candice joined American operative Johnny Storm in discovering and putting an end to the cause behind the Zombie-like appearances and actions of her native townspeople. Since the age of fifteen, Candice was given the great responsibility of guarding her ancestor, Imhotep's, tomb from thieves, trespassers and grave robbers, something that she never wanted to do but reluctantly agreed to, given the high honor it carried in her father's family tradition. She eventually passes the job down to her more enthusiastic sister.

Early LifeEdit

Raised in a small town north of the Nile, Candice's family relocated to Egypt under the instructions of Rich Corp., who were persistent in locating the tomb of Imhotep in order to retrieve his ancient and fabled prophesies involving the end of the world, which he named: Judgment Day. After her father refused to give Rich Corp. any information regarding the pyramid's wereabouts, he suspiciously disappeared from his archeological dig along with two other fellow archeologists and a young lab technician, James Storm.

On her fifteenth birthday, Candice was dubbed as the official protector of Imhotep's tomb, a liability that she didn't take seriously, resulting in it being infiltrated by a Rich Corp. spy nine years later. Her younger sister, however, was more optimistic about protecting the pyramid and asked her father permission to guard it. Unfortunately, he disagreed, but subsequent to Candice running away from home on her seventeenth birthday with dreams of pursuing a career as an E.T.F.S. operative, Linda Stone was given permission to guard the tomb until Candice returned.

Soon after her defection from home, Candice traveled to the United States, where she enrolled in Princeton college for two years, perfecting her English vocabulary competency. She returned home when she was twenty and soon after, joined the Egyptian Branch E.T.F.S. She agreed to partake on part-time guard duty, respectively splitting the responsibility with her younger sister so that she could carry out her dream of being a special operative.

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