Boleslav Alatyrtsev
Date of birth:N/A
Date of death:1999
Occupation:Umbrella Secret Services (U.S.S.)
Appearances:Operation: Underlight
Voice:Kristoffer Tabori

Boleslav Alatyrtsev (lit:Болеслав Алаторцев) is a member of The Pride, codenamed "Ruskie". He is the radioman and medical officer, he also is an expert machine gunner. A former communist turned mercenary, Alatyrtsev was a commited serial killer before being pardoned by Umbrella with a bail of over 50,000 Dollars.

Alatyrtsev participated in the Redwood City Incident as his third mission, as he states "This is his second most exciting but third most adrenaline filled...". He dies after taking a shot to the chest from Greg Campbell's sniper rifle and experiencing heavy blood loss.



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Boleslav is considered a lonesome psychopath, with little to no respect to those he works with, those who get his repect, such as Henry Luponili and Eddie Robson, have earned it by deeds in the past. Those who haven't gained it will more or less get a cold shoulder treatment or a lot of sarcasm from him, even during severe moments.


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He often shows close to no respect for Umbrella, calling them "morons" and "greedy bastards" on the radio when called by "The Operator", though it is unsure how he feels against any other employees but it is suspected to be the same. He also curses Umbrella when dying, swearing that if it hadn't been for the bullet that he'd probably lost his mind and been shot down in a facility somewhere else by Umbrella's hand.

Though, he works for them as they freed him from a death sentence and shows his "upmost respect" towards Umbrella by shooting up any ads or products that he manages to see. When left long alone long enough, he murmur to himself about how he'll kill anybody that stops him by "cutting them into tiny bits and serving them in a steamy cup of stew...".


He seems to feel great sorrow for the undead, more than often murmuring a prayer in russian before killing one that is defenseless against him. Though, when not defenseless, shows no mercy often using his medical skills to the fullest. Tearing out one's throat, or slashing open one's stomach. His abilites against the undead increase when using his medical scissor claws (Gloves that have long blades protruding from the finger tips).


  • His history is slightly based off of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, though much more severe.
  • The name, Boleslav, is actually Polish based. Though he was born in Russia, this may be because he was born during the Cold War Poland, which was part of the USSR.

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