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Blank Slate
Created No Known Date
Created By Accidentally by the 'Bandits' lead scientist.
Creation The Lead scientist of the bandits, "Dr. Alless" was kidnapped and forced to work on both the T and G viruses. After reading stolen Umbrella research she began to try fusing the two viruses. She failed, though the failure created blank slate.
Based 4 human bodies where used in the creation of this creature.
Height/Length 6'5"
Purpose No purpose, it was created accidentally. It's purpose is to kill, though it did not kill Dr. Alless, thinking the Dr was it's mother.
Status Active, and multiplying.


A tall blank bodied creature, with only one eye, that is very large and runs vertically up his torso. His flesh is pink.

Blank Slate Edit

Blank Slate has only one eyes which he uses to attack, and reproduce. The eye can see farther than human eyes and can also kill, sense the pupil can change into a long and deadly spike. It also reproduces using this eye. A large bloody tear leaves the center, and drips to the floor, only to become a small leach. It crawls into a dead body and becomes a Blank Spawn.

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