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Black Widow
Black Widow Spider

Date of
Created via:Mutation of the t2 virus through infection
Height:About 7 feet

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"Oh shit! Spiders! I hate spiders!"

--Jonas, on the Black Widows.

Information Edit

The Black Widow Spider is a minor enemy that appears only a few times in Code Genesis. They resemble a much larger version of the already deadly Black Widow spider and have been infected by either accidental means or intentional by Alex. It remains unknown precisely. These spiders will generally ignore you given their poor eyesight, but if they do happen to notice you, they will quickly approach with uncanny speed and attack with their long, dangerous pincers.

Due to their increased mutation, the spiders have grown excessively larger in mass, their venom is also twice as dangerous as a smaller Black Widow could be to a human being. When they bite their prey, their venom can cause the player to become poisoned and without antidote, will eventually die. They attack by moving quickly toward their prey and raise their legs in an attack position, letting out a loud hissing sound moments before they strike.

The most effective way to handle them is with fire; Missile Launcher shots or Grenades are generally the better way to take them out. The shotgun is also very effective and the machine gun can be used as well, but it will take a while to kill them that way.

Creation Edit

It is unknown whether or not they were created intentionally given the lack of evidence. It is believed that they may have been intentional due to the unsuited environment of the island to the spiders themselves, but this isn't entirely proven.

Trivia Edit

  • The presence of the Black Widow enemy is an homage to the spider enemies seen in early Resident Evil games. They will even attack in the same manner.

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