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Andrew Ki Shien
Date of Birth 11 September 1976
Date of Death Unknown
Gender Male
Height 2.13m (7')
Race/Ethnicity Chinese
Occupation DarkRain Operative
Marital status Unknown
Relative(s) Unknown
Status Alive

"Hail Umbrella."
―Ki Shien

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Ki Shien is a loyal member of umbrella Corp.He is the second in command of Roderick Lazarus working with him on financial buisnesses.He has a mother born in 1956 and a father born in 1955.When he was young he watched Umbrella kill his family.He willingly joined Umbrella Corp in 2004 18 years after his parent's death.He was Roderick Lazarus's Bodyguard and financial advisor.He had gotten in to a tussle with Chris Redfield which left him with a scar across his chest.He got revenge by killing Chris's Girlfreind and his younger sister Dahlia Ki Shien.He than helps his boss via feeding his prostitutes the Cornellius Virus transforming themselves into monsters. Later he is finally arrested by Chris Redfield and is sentenced to 50 life sentences for his crimes.

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