Created date of Creation unknown
Created By Saul X. Wallace
Creation Using his DNA and data Saul created a version of the GVirus which he grew creating a group of Tyrants
Based Saul wished for the perfect child and created each of these Tyrants using his DNA in the procedure starting with Alpha
Height/Length 7'8" Before Mutation 13'7" After First Mutation 17'6" After second and final mutation
Purpose To be Saul's 1st child
Status extinct


Alpha was the first child created by Saul. After seeing it he instantly deemed it a failure and had it used as a guard. Alpha is smart enough to communicate with people and has a childish nature often acting like a child between the ages of 8-10. The guards in the facility actually grew to like the B.O.W giving a custom bullet proof vest and a large knife.


The Alpha is extremly strong and fast its speed and all other traits are 3X that of a normal human. The Alpha had a grey skin color which darkened to black after its first mutation then a deep red. Looking like a gray skinned giant of a man. After the first mutation it grew a large hunchback clawed fingers its knife was embedded in the palm of its hand. In the next mutation a swarm of tentacles from its back the claws on its hands grew in length and any form of knowledge was lost. At his death all knowledge returned.


When Carlos Oliveria went with Jill Valentine to an Umbrella Research Facility in Australia they encountered Alpha. The large B.O.W did not realize that it was to hurt them. The creature was then informed by its father Saul if it killed him he would be brought to the Sanctuary. Alpha instantly turned on its former friends.


"You two are now my bestest friends." "But daddy they are good people they are my bestest friends." "I'm sorry Jill but I want into the Sactuary." "Carlos Jill pleaase don't kill daddy he isn't evil he just wants people to be happy

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