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Alissa Ashford
Alias(es) '
Date of Birth September 4,1970
character's date of death
Gender female
Height 5"9
Race/Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation former manager of Umbrella New york
Marital status single
Relative(s) biological daughter of Andrew ashford(unknown to her)
Status mutated

"Im infected,you should leave now"Edit

Alissa is the biological daughter of Andrew Ashford. Alissa's mother was married to Andrew for only two months,He had faked his death and was relocated to Rockfort island. Her mother Rose was too obsessed with beauty to care for someone else's.She hid away from the public until Alissa was born,that day she put her up for adoption.

Alissa cared deeply for beauty, She joined Umbrella's cosmetics department at age 23 under the name of Alissa Lumic.At age 24 She was promoted to chief scientist at the New york site by her birth father. She became involved with researcher Morpheus D. Duvall,aiding him in anyway possible.Both had the same feelings for themselves,always look amazing.Morpheus frequently called her "the Goddess" on account of she always dressed in white. Her relationship with Duvall was soon brought to the attention of Oswell E. spencer by Alexia ashford after her shortlived employance in New york. Morpheus denied all alligations of their relationship,this crushed Alissa as she was still not informed that she had been reported.She immediately resigned from the company and stole samples of the t-veronica virus.

Alissa went after Duvall on two seperate occasions,She was the third survivor of the Spencer Rain incident.And the first was in Russia where she uncovered the plans for the T.A.L.O.S tyrant. In 1996 she had created a female version of T.A.L.O.S and claimed it to formerely be Alexia. She threatened to release it in one of the sites, Umbrella reinstated her into the company and began work on T.A.L.O.S once more. Her work aided Umbrella in the creation of the compression suits. The suits were created to withstand uroboros victims,the infected would be built into the suits and later frozen. In 1998 Umbrella was sent multiple notifications of Alexia's re-birth. Her project manager arrested her for fraud and blackmail against the company. She escaped from captivity and killed her guards.

In 1999 Alissa began working with Albert Wesker's team on advancing the Uroboros. Which was later used to mutate Excella. Alissa was attacked by her partner Loomic Wesker.He injected her with Uroboros and fitted her in a faulty compression suit. She was not put to sleep before the process began and she immediately burst out of the suit.She burst through seventeen deadlocked steel doors and killed all scientists within the facility. It is rumoured She is hiding within a closed Umbrella facility.

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