Alexander Ashford was the son of Sir Edward Ashford, co-founder of the Umbrella Corporation. His children were Alfred and Alexia Ashford. In his youth, Alexander accidentally killed his father Edward, directly leading to grave damage the family's reputation and good name. This also allowed Ozwell Spencer to consolidate his power over Umbrella Corporation. Alexander was later employed as a scientist by the Umbrella Corporation and sent to Rockfort Island. His precise role is never explained, but it clearly involved deep genetic studies, as his crowning achievement was the discovery of the gene regulating human intelligence. Despite this, he remained a relatively minor scientist and was never truly rewarded.

Hoping to put it to good use, he used advanced cloning techniques and stolen strands of DNA from the corpse of the Ashford family matriarch, Veronica. Along with his DNA, he created a pair of twins, which he dubbed Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford. Alfred was intelligent, but Alexia was a brilliant genius. The creation of these twins were horrifying at best. Finding it unbearable that anyone should find these records, Alexander hid them in a secret room at the Umbrella Corporation Antarctic Base. However, Alfred found the secret room, but was unable to open the doorway, requiring three family gemstones to open it. He easily accessed two of them, as they belonged to him and his sister, but tricking his father into surrendering his was another matter. He eventually succeeded, and opened the door. He read the records, and became insane with the realization he was merely another experiment on his father's behalf, and to the atrocious truth behind the experiments that ultimately resulted in his and his sister's creation.

Embittered at his "father" for not making him as intelligent as Alexia, Alfred trapped him and used him as guinea pig to test Alexia's T-Virus strain, the T-Veronica. After the experiments, finding him unacceptably inferior, the twins chained him in a secret room in the Antarctic base, where he eventually became the abomination known as 'Nosferatu'.

It is hinted that Wesker took his body for T-Veronica samples along with Steve, so his return is possible.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A green spider that attacked Chris Redfield after being released by Alexia was rumoured to have de-attached itself from Alexander's body, evident from his lack of tendrils when Chris discovered his frozen body.
  • It is said he can be classified as a Tyrant, as he possesses super strength (shown when he knocked an axe holding him in place flying from the wall), he has a 'toxic and tentacle' attack pattern, and of course a variant of the T-Virus was unleashed upon him.
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