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United States Air Force (USAF) is the aviation branch of the United States armed forces.

Mission Edit

The US Air Force's core mission and the reason why it exists is to defend and protect the U.S. (including its allies and varied interests) from all threats (foreign and domestic) from air or space with aerospace superiority. As such, in order to accomplish this core mission and to provide a set of directives and goals in order to promote said mission, the US Air Force has come up with "Air Force Vision 2020." The USAF must ensure global vigilance in order to detect the threats, possess a reach which would allow for aerospace power (the superiority of our forces to all others) utilized deterring the threats. [edit] Core Values

Every member of the USAF is a representative of the US government (and its allies) and the USAF and thus must act accordingly. In addition, the USAF's mission is dependant upon the work and ethics of the individual. The USAF has identified three core values that must be upheld by all personnel: "Integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do."

Core Competencies Edit

Air and Space Superiority Edit

The ability to ensure that aerospace power may be utilized and exploited, the USAF must control aerospace.

Global Attack Edit

The ability to effectively and competently engage any and all adversaries no matter when or where allows the USAF to maintain superiority and defensive response.

Rapid Global Mobility Edit

The ability to rapidly mobilize forces allows the USAF to position deployment forces at any time in place ensures that all threats are responded to quickly and with force.

Precision Engagement Edit

The ability to engage the adversary with minimal risk and collateral damage, while effectively maintaining superiority ensures humanitarian concern and the ability to engage adversaries taking refuge.

Information Superiority Edit

The ability to defend our information, learn the enemy’s information, and provide misinformation to the enemy is essential to operational security in the 21st century.

Agile Combat Support Edit

The ability to provide superior, responsive and adaptable air power supports the success of US operations in any theatre.

US Air Force in Fannon Edit

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