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The Advanced Tyrant Virus, more commonly known as "AT-Vius" or " Advanced T. Virus" is the sixth mutagenic virus discovered by the Umbrella Corporation.

History Edit

The AT-Virus was developed by Dr. Sam Isaak as his ultimate Masterpiece and his legacy. He created it from the T/G-Virus and the Birkin-Generation Virus. It was invented in 2004 in the labs of the Umbrella Primary North American Research Facility.

First Outbreak Edit

The first Outbreak of this new vius was in 2004 on the Umbrella Combat Testing Facility Island. The whole island was infected with an airborn strain of the AT-Virus. The MAS send a strong assault team(100+ soldiers) to investigate the incident and destroy all B.O.W.'s on the island. 50% of the team were killed by the undead hordes and horrible creatures.

B.O.W.'s: Edit

R.H./O.D.O.S. X2

AT-Hunter (MU-312)

Chariots (T-A27)

possible EVA-O99

Different types of Jumpers

Shapeshifting Spider B.O.W. and many, many others, like "AT-Zombies"!

Other Outbreaks Edit

Umbrella Primary North American Research Facility(20.11.04)

Sumatra Research and Testing Center(06)

Flaws of the virus Edit

The virus is much like the T-Virus but more powerful. Infected Humans (Zombie) are faster and more resistant than "T-Virus Zombies". An direct injection into a living host will cause rapide degeneration of the body, like the T-Virus but it will also extremly increased the size of a human or an animal. Dr.Isaak had a unique system of putting multiple breeds of undead monster in "Series". Most of the creatures are undead lifeforms(humans, animals), futher mutated by the experiments of Dr.Issak into powerful monstrosities. A few of them are nearly impervious to conventional attacks.

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