Ace Walkner
Date of birth:1980
Date of death:N/A
Race/Ethnicity:Human, Caucasian
Occupation:S.T.A.R.S Delta Team

Ace WalknerEdit

Ace Walkner is a member of the S.T.A.R.S Delta team, one of two side teams to the Alpha and Bravo. He is a demolitions expert and is known as one of the jokers of the team, although when it comes down to business, he gets the job done with efficiency and precision. He trained with Joseph Frost before the mansion incident in 1998. The S.T.A.R.S Delta team first came in to action shortly after the Raccoon City incident, being located on another island respectively. They were to investigate an old estate on an island offshore.


Ace Walkner, 2003

Upon entry, there appeared to be no sign of danger, although the amount of birds was more than the norm and this led Ace to act below par for a while as he is Ornithophobic (afraid of birds). Making his way into the long abandoned power room in the basement with a colleague, and suffering some friendly ridicule about his phobia, the generator room was revealed to be a nesting area. They were eventually greeted by mutated crows in swarms and had to battle their way out of the estate and abandon the mission. Ace and the team still operate to this day, but usually take on the smaller side missions and investigative roles.

Ace Walkner originated from my character of the same name on the old Yahoo! Resident Evil Role Playing user rooms from the early 2000's, where our group each had their own member of the Delta team and the incident described above was one of the more memorable RP sessions we had.

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